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photo of Tony The two constants in my life have always been faith and music. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in church with an open songbook on my lap. Through the years my love affair with music has grown with each passing year. I listen to everything from Earth Wind & Fire to Frank Sinatra to Sam Cooke to Bach. I particularly enjoy great vocalist in every genre of music. What ties everything together in my life is my faith in God. It is the one thing that makes everything else make sense.

Iíve been blessed with a life beyond anything I could deserve including my beautiful wife Telisha and the four most precious children, my daughter Cristen, my son Carson, and my two twin daugthers Casey and Chelsey. As if that wasnít enough, I then have the privilege of singing and making music that praises God with an absolutely amazing group of talented brothers, Men of Praise. To be able to have this much fun with brothers in Christ that you love and care for is nothing less than a gift from God, one that I am constantly grateful for. Come along with us, weíre just beginning a wonderful journey. With Godís will, thereís a lot more fun, music and praise to come.