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Released Spring 2013

Hot off the press, we have completed and released our third project entitled, "BREAKTHROUGH". This project represents a 'neo-acapella' sound that we hope all will enjoy--arguably, our best work yet!!!
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Help of The Lord

Released Spring 2008

MOP completed their sophomore CD, Help of The Lord , April 2008. The eight-song full length LP includes the slamming tracks Angels Watching Over Me, Hush and Help of The Lord. If those weren't enough, there is a soul-stirring arrangement of Were You There that showcases the groups unique vocal flexibility as well as a throwback to the golden days of music when our country was in turmoil and everyone knew that a Change was Gonna Come.

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Help of The Lord - Track List

He Loves Me So

Released mid-2004

Their first CD, He Loves Me So, was released in 2004. That five-song EP included breakaway hits such as Happy, Vocal Express and the title cut, He Loves Me So. Through the grace of God, They have been blessed to perform in several venues across the country from New York to Arizona, Vermont to South Georgia. Despite their hectic individual schedules, they continue to sing, record, and perform as often as possible.
                                            Breakthrough Album Cover

He Loves Me So - Track List